Life Coach Mentoring
Receive 1 month of free group mentoring when you enroll in certification program by 9/30/21

There are two options for life coach mentoring: group or individual (1:1). 

Elevate: Group Mentorship

Life Coach Shereka Dunston offers weekly group mentoring sessions via Zoom. Sessions take place Sundays at 5 pm EST. Group members engage in challenges and receive training from Life Coach Shereka Dunston and guest experts. This group is comprised of life coaches with various niches and experience levels.


Elevate: Individual Mentorship

Individual mentoring is highly customizable to meet the needs of the mentee. Life Coach Shereka Dunston assists coaches with creating an action plan to improve their coaching skills or program offerings. Some of the projects in which Life Coach Shereka Dunston has helped mentees, include: 

  • Goal clarification

  • Niche identification

  • Signature program creation

  • Workbook development and proofreading

  • Merchandise shop establishment

  • Service expansion from 1:1 to group



Live Sessions: Sundays @ 5 pm EST

Engage in weekly Zoom sessions and a private Facebook group.




 Rolling Start Dates

Work 1:1 with our life coach mentor to receive individualized support.